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[Basic Website]
So.Cal Cartoonists Society (SCCS) Club website for San
Diego Chapter of the National Cartoonist Society.  I have
created and manage this site.
[Streaming Video Conversions]
SCCS VEOH Videos caricature and cartoon art demos by
professional cartoonists.
[HD Video Photo Montage]
Dramatic Aerial Imagery of San Diego, California beaches.
Dynamic photo montages adding motion to still images or
fun ride along GOPRO videos.
Alma Prime Time promotional video for the prime time ABC
Television Awards Show.
[Apple QuickTime]
RollerSkateland having fun with friends skating in San
Diego.  Edited and compressed for internet play back with
Apple QuickTime.
[Windows Media Player]
San Diego Old School Skaters performing at the San
Diego Pacific Beach Fest.  Compressed with Windows
Media Encoder.  
[Microsoft Producer]
The SkateThis Presentation created with Microsoft
Producer.  Requires Microsoft Internet Explorer and a
Microsoft plugin to function completely.
[LIVE Microsoft Windows Media Player]
Live Stream right from the kitchen when available.
[Video for FLASH presentations]
TBS Special Wargames example of a video converted for
an interactive CD Presentation and now converted for the
[Video for PowerPoint presentations]
Virtual Studio Chromakey A Virtual Set video originally
intended for MS PowerPoint presentation.
[Simple Animation]
Butt Breath Series of Commerials Cartoon animations
created from teen drawn comic strips for the Foundation
For Tobacco Free Youth.  (30 sec spots aired on MTV etc.)
P    O    R    T    F    O    L    I    O
Old Content
This material created back in 1995 is outdated and requires an older version of RealPlayer.